Now I want Thai but have no one to go out to dinner with

There was a moment not too long ago when I was looking through my budgets on Mint, trying to figure out why one of my categories had shot through the roof for the last several months. I pinpointed that the upsurge started in February, which is just before I started dating Adrian and when I was starting to actually have a social life go out more.

So now I have this strange thing going on where I’m pretty stingy… err… frugal? with most things in my life, and am particularly penny pinching about food. But I have an entire category in my budget just for social stuff, in particular eating out with someone else, because to me there’s a huge difference between grabbing fast food because I was too lazy to make something that morning and grabbing lunch with someone I haven’t gotten to see in a bit.

It’s actually quite a relief now; before I felt guilty for going over my budget, but also recognized that in a town like this once you take going out for Thai off the table, there’s not much a ton else to do.

Aw man, now I want Thai iced tea. I should add blogging to the things to not do when hungry.


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