Hello, August!

Wow, the summer is already almost over.

It’s a little strange to watch the summer fly by without being in the semester system – I’m sad that summer is coming to a close, but without the back to school deadline it feels a little strange.

As you probably noticed, I flaked out on the last half of NaBloPoMo after my “stress confession”. In fact, I pared down a lot of things for the last couple of weeks, and I feel much better for it. Now I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

It’s amazing to me how much it helps just to be honest. In the midst of my stress issues, I was debating calling off a trip to see my sister and new nephew because I didn’t think she’d understand me wanting to just chill out (in retrospect, we’re talking about a new mom here; while she did admit she’d been debating going on a hike with me, I don’t think anything we’d have done would be too crazy).

So I called her and told her that I really needed my weekends to relax, and if she was okay with that then I’d still come visit, and if not then I’d come some other time. Lo and behold, it worked! We spent our weekend hanging out, working on a dress pattern, and taking baby pictures (I’m not sure how or when, but I’ve ended up becoming the delegated photographer; ha, I’ve fooled them all into thinking I know what I’m talking about!)

Oh! Dress pattern, that’s right. I’m actually making some use out of my sewing machine. I even completed a skirt, but now I need to take out my seams and do some work on the pattern since it doesn’t fit me the way I’d like it to. I’ve also got almost all of my knit sweater pieces done, so I can sew those together pretty soon. To help get some of my crafty impulses under control, I’ve resulted to having a “project bag”. Anything in the bag is fair game to work on, but I have to wait until there’s space from me finishing something to add another project. Seems to be helping me focus so far.

This month has also had a lot of decluttering going on, since I’ve decided on a date to move out. It feels really good to clean out my stuff, and since it’s far enough in advance I’m finding ways to use some of my stuff rather than just throwing it out (yes, I’m talking about crafty stuff here – when did I start accumulating all of this?!)

Taking care of my body (i.e. eating well and exercising) took a backseat while I was stressed – unfortunately comfort food isn’t all that good for you – but I’m working back into all of it. Speaking of which, I really ought to go to the gym before I work this afternoon.

(And yes, this was an update on my 2011 resolutions, just without the headers because I felt like it was more natural this way.)