About Me

Hi there, I’m Rachel. I’m fresh out of college, where I majored in Liberal Studies (Californian for “education major”) and Special Education, and I now piece together my subsistence with several very part-time jobs working with kids with special needs.

I’m a small town girl itching to get to the city, a faux-artist (I’m one of those people who thought about going to art school but chickened out for the practical option), a geek/nerd, a hippie of varying degrees, and a “not-a-Christian-just-Jesus-y”.

I live with a small group of people in a setup similar to a dorm, with the intention of simplifying our lives and bringing life and creativity into our larger community (for those “in the know” this would be called an intentional community). Well, it’s supposed to be simple, but after a couple years of doing this I’ve realized that may not be the case. Better for me, yes. Easier/simpler? Definitely not always.

I blog sporadically about living in community, freaking out about the fact that I’m now supposed to be an adult, crafty pursuits, bringing balance to my life, and following up on my New Year’s resolutions.

You can also find me over at Sisterhood of Nerdfighteria where I blog every Friday with four other nerdy girls from around the world.


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