Hating on personal blogging

Crapnoid. I’m already running out of ideas for these posts. Oh! I’ll just go check and see what the prompt for today is…

“How do you like your coffee?”

Is that… a thing? Talking about how you eat a very specific food?

That’s a Twitter update, not a blog post.

Bah, this is why the personal blogging thing isn’t as intriguing to me anymore. My life just isn’t that interesting. And who cares how I take my coffee, or what I ate today, or the mundane intricacies of my life? I mean, I┬ácare, but I don’t expect anyone else to.

You know the saying about thinking about what you would want to read/watch/listen to/insertothercreativemediahere and then creating it? Of the blogs I read, all of them have a pretty defined niche with a little bit of personal information sprinkled on the top. It’s easy to get a sense of the person’s personality and life, without it just being about the person’s life. I’ll give mommyblogging a pass for this one, simply because I don’t think I can really knock it until I have kids (which is nowhere in the near future) and still don’t find it helpful.

So now, to figure out what I’m going to write about here for the next 3 weeks. Hrm. I’ve got a few amusing stories from my retail days, but most everything else is craft/baking/nerd based. Better start brainstorming, I guess.